Solitaire Swift

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Description: Solitaire Swift

This solitaire game is a new, fast and fun variation of the well-known classic solitaire game. It is designed in a chic comic style, which is characterized by the figures such as queen and queen. Right at the beginning of the game you will be asked if you want to select a relaxation mode, a time mode or a pull mode. However, if you play Solitaire Swift for the first time, you can only select the Relax mode. In the relaxation mode you will also be briefly explained how this solitaire game works. Thus, Solitaire Swift is very well suited for beginners who are not yet so familiar with Solitaire’s rules of the game. But beware, Solitaire Swift is a very simple variant of solitaire. You only need to divide the seven pillars, the cards, in successive order, on two discard piles. A third stack must first be unlocked. Card color and value do not matter. Another cool action: cover cards with a key symbol and play them to unlock more discard piles. Once you have familiarized yourself with the relaxation mode, you can play the time mode. This is a quick round solitaire. You have 90 seconds to discard all cards, but it is possible to get bonus time by placing several cards in a row. Here you have unlimited time, but only a limited number of moves are available to properly discard all cards. In the top left corner you can also see your accumulated points. And to make things even more exciting, there is a multiplier, which normally stands on x1. This can increase and so you collect more points. Thanks to the points, you can always try to improve yourself.