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Play Backgammon online – an ancient game for the modern world

The world plays Backgammon, always – and everywhere. The fascinating mixture of strategy and gambling has thrilled people since antiquity and has today found its way into the modern high-tech world. Backgammon game has long been online, the dice roll over the virtual field and who wants to play free Backgammon needs only tablet, computer or smartphone. So that you not only know what is being played, but also how it all works, here we have put together the most important information for you to play Backgammon online for free.

How do you play Backgammon online?

Free Backgammon is basically a board game, which means everything important happens on the field. It’s a two-player game where you usually sit across from each other and look each other in the eye, but when you play Backgammon online, you only get the moves from your partner. Your opponent may be a real person or a program, depending on which free Backgammon game variant you choose. The Backgammon rules change nothing: both players share a board, which is divided into 24 narrow and triangular fields. Of these, each 6 triangles are again divided into 4 separate groups. Each player receives one of these 4 groups as his starting field, from which he starts with his 15 stones. At the beginning of the game each player has 15 pieces in his suit, the range of all moves is determined by throwing 2 dice. It is about bringing your own stones completely into the home field defined before the start of the game and then tossing them out. The home field of one player is in each case the starting field of the other player and vice versa. The player who first diced all his stones has won Backgammon. But you can only throw it out if all 15 pieces of a player have been placed in the corresponding home field. Within the home field every single stone with appropriate throws has to be placed on the field “zero” – only then it is considered as diced.

Play Backgammon online

Play Backgammon and win

Actually, Backgammon is very easy for free. The following brief overview will familiarize you with the basic rules behind playing Backgammon game and give you some tips for your first win.

  • With Backgammon all stones are only moved forward. You may only move to fields that are either free or at most occupied by one stone. However, if there are already two or more stones in a square, it may not be occupied, but is considered blocked.
  • If it is an enemy stone, it is beaten, that is temporarily removed from play. If the opponent wants to dice this stone, he must first bring it back into play. There is no way around it, otherwise the game will inevitably be lost.
  • The struck stone always has priority, as long as it is not back in the game, the owning player may not move another stone.
  • To bring a struck stone back into play, you simply roll the dice and place it on the triangle field in your starting square (the home field of the opponent) that corresponds to the dice values. If you roll 2 and 4, you can choose between spaces 2 and 4 – if these spaces are free or do not carry more than one stone. If there is no suitable field, your litter will be forfeit and you will have to wait.
  • Both cubes stand separately: You can add the values, but you do not have to. If you want and it makes sense for your game, you can move a different stone for each die. This is an important strategic tool that you should definitely use! Note, however, that any intermediate stations may at most be occupied by one stone.
  • If you roll a docket, which means two identical numbers, you can draw the number of dice twice.
  • You need your throws as far as possible. If you can not use both throws, you have to use the higher one.
  • Pay attention to your moves to keep as few tiles as possible. It’s not about moving forward as fast as possible, but also about safety.

Play Backgammon online

Of course you can play Backgammon online for free. In principle, nothing changes in the online version, the game works on a computer, tablet or smartphone just as it runs on the right board – but just much faster and more convenient. You just save all the annoying circumstances, the structure, the lengthy search for fellow players and you can start immediately. Free online Backgammon is free and above all comfortable l, both in the classic version already presented and also in modified versions where you only have a certain time frame available to roll all the pieces.

Play free Backgammon game

Backgammon is one of the oldest games in the world

Supposedly, the ancient Greeks already appreciated dice games and thus at the gates of the besieged city of Troy expelled the time. Likewise, the ancient Egyptians, in whose Pharaoh’s graves a variety of antique game boards was found. Whether this really was Backgammon may indeed be doubted – but it is undoubtedly clear that the Romans knew a very similar game and Emperor Claudius even wrote a book on this subject. A free Backgammon game variant knew the Crusaders, and in no country was played as intense as in England. It is said that King Richard the Lionheart even had to forbid his soldiers from playing the game to preserve his army’s ability to act! From England comes the usual name of the game: Back = back and Gammon = game, an allusion to the fact that beaten stones must be brought back into the game.

Fun without risk: play Backgammon for free

Free Backgammon is not just about your strategic skills, you also need a bit of dice luck for a successful game. So Backgammon is also a game of chance in some ways – but you do not have to worry about that: On this site you can play Backgammon game for free and you do not have to fear any hidden costs in case of defeat. The rule is: No fees, no use, no loss. It’s all about fun – and that’s pretty high on a well-kept game of Backgammon, especially once you’ve understood the principle of the game!