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Free Bubble Shooter games – online fun for all

An action and strategy fun in colorful, easy-to-access packaging – this can only be a Bubble Shooter, the game hit that captivates children and adults alike. The simple gameplay and intuitive controls make Bubble Shooter games an irresistible pleasure that’s easy to learn and hard to master. No wonder that Bubble Shooter has now grown into a series and Bubble Shooter 2 and Bubble Shooter 3 are not inferior to their predecessor. Here you will learn all about one of the most popular games of all time – and of course you can also play free Bubble Shooter.

Bubble Shooter online is much more than just a shooting game

With free Bubble Shooter game is shot sharply, nevertheless the play is violent and youth-free. The only targets are colorful balloons, the bubbles, which should be burst as soon as possible. To do this, you use a moving balloon to shoot at the static balloons, which are numerous in different colors at the top of the screen. So that the whole thing does not degenerate into a one-sided shooting game without any sense, there are a few restrictive rules that increase the challenge and bring a special spice into play. If you just blindly fire at the multitude of colorful bubbles you will not achieve anything. For the highest possible score you have to pay attention to the colors! They are not just decorative accessories, but fulfill their playful purpose.

Three wins: the right color combination is what counts

In order for the targeted bubbles to really burst, the same color must be strung together at least three times. The starting color is predetermined at each shot: You can not influence the color of your bullet, which is your moving balloon. If you hit a shotgun with a different color or you do not manage to line up three equal colors right away, then the bubbles pile up – and that means a certain amount of risk to you, because the amount of static balloons goes down to the bottom is enough, the game is lost! A certain strategic foresight is needed to keep the game going and earn as many points as possible.

Free Bubble Shooter games

Clever combine: who plans ahead, shoot better

On the other hand, bubbles with a different, actually “wrong” color, which would hang alone in the air due to a successful combination, also dissolve. So, for example, if a single blue balloon is surrounded by yellow balloons and you make them disappear with a targeted shot, then you also hit the blue balloon at the same time – even though you’ve just fired a yellow balloon, which is usually blue has no effect. It is this seductive mix of puzzle, strategy and action that makes free Bubble Shooter games and makes its successors so irresistible. In general, you have the choice between two different modes: In the strategic variant, the number of your shots is limited, in arcade mode, you have to prove yourself within a certain time frame.

  • Professional tip: When aiming, you can include the walls on both sides of your game. These act like a gang and throw your bullet back – so you can also reach targets that are actually out of your reach.

The gameplay of Bubble Shooter is over 20 years old

Although the first Bubble Shooter games appeared only in 2002, the underlying gameplay is still a few years older: In 1994, the Japanese game developer Taito brought the game Puzzle Bubble on the market. Known as Bust-a-Move in North America, the game was played by up to two players and was based on legendary slot machine game Bubble Bobble, which shook up the arcade scene in 1986. Because of its high accessibility, it quickly became one of the most popular casual games and received portals on iOS (2010) and Android (2012). In 2015, Manufacturer Absolutist sold the coveted brand to Ilyon Dynamics LTD. The change of the indestructible game hit has not hurt this change, on the contrary: Today you can play Bubble Shooter online and for free on the Internet.

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One bubble is not enough: Bubble Shooter 2 and Bubble Shooter 3

If a game principle is so fabulously successful, then it is only a matter of time before the first variants and successors come onto the market. Of course, there are Bubble Shooter 2 and Bubble Shooter 3 clever developments of the original game idea, which are a lot of fun and the original in terms of addiction factor not inferior. In Part 2, an additional row of balloons will pop up if you can not make a combination multiple times in a row. With Bubble Shooter 3, the number of colors increases continuously with each level reached. The more colors, the harder the progress – but you can play Bubble Shooter games for free, luckily you have as much time as you need: Practice makes perfect, and with a little routine you’ll be able to break down the colorful bubbles much faster.

Play Bubble Shooter online for free

If you feel like reading Bubble Shooter 2, Bubble Shooter 3 or the original while reading these lines, then we have some good news for you: Right here on this page you can play Bubble Shooter online for free. Without risk, without hidden costs, without any Fußangel you get the full game fun. How long a game is, is up to you alone: Only your skills decide on the game! Choose a variation of your choice and see what’s in you – Bubble Shooter online is undoubtedly one of the fun ways to pass the time.