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Free online Solitaire – Puzzle for the Impatient

You have time, but nothing to do? You just want to clear your mind of the many thoughts floating around in it? Then free online Solitaire games would be just right for you! Because it is not in vain for decades the most popular card games for all ages. It is accessible, entertaining, fun and almost restful. Even on stressful days you can drive away a lot of boredom with a quick Solitaire card game. The trick of the whole: Today you can play free Solitaire games on the Internet!

What exactly is Solitaire online, and how is it played?

Here and now we play with cards – if not with real ones, because Solitaire has long been a classic among computer games, yes, maybe it’s even the first and most famous casual game in the world! This is mainly because you can play it very easily and quickly and also need no players. It’s about free Solitaire games playing with yourself. It’s about making 4 stacks from a total of 52 playing cards in the correct, ascending order. In the beginning is the ace, in the end comes the king. As an online variant, free online Solitaire games are comfortable: The computer takes care of building the card game so you can start having fun right away.

Clever stacking, paying attention to colors and values

The basic principle of the game is very simple and essentially consists of searching and stacking: You choose an open card and place it on another face-up card. You must make sure that both cards have different colors and that the value of the upper card exceeds the value of the lower card by exactly one point. You repeat this process until you finally can not move any face-up card. Card replenishment is provided: you can reveal the top card of an upturned stack, but the cards below are taboo until you have sorted the top one. Once a stack has been removed, it starts all over again – until you have reached the correct order for all stacks. A proper card game can therefore last at least theoretically almost infinitely long. By the way, cheating is not only forbidden, but also excluded: If you play Solitaire on the internet, the program ensures that only allowed moves are available to you. If you want a real chance, you have to be careful to always choose and build an ace as the foundation for your piles. You won the game when you sorted all the cards. At least the basic version works, but there are also countless variations, including the very popular free Spider Solitaire.

Free online Solitaire

Play free online Solitaire without risk

Sure, a bit of luck is required if you want to win your game. Even if you do not have a real opponent, you can sometimes end up in a dead end. Solitaire online is also a game of chance in part, but that’s no problem, because free Solitaire card games is available on the internet. So you can test your luck and skill without risk as long as you want. No fees, no stakes, no loss, just the game and you – whenever you want it.

Play Solitaire card games: A card game writes history

Solitaire games can sometimes be a real game of patience. That’s why his original name is Patience (French). Its exact origin is unknown, but a beautiful legend claims that a captive nobleman invented it during the French Revolution in order to pass the time until his execution. Napoleon Bonaparte is said to have used patiences as preparation for his battles. The card game became world-famous and a break in all offices by the computer corporation Microsoft, which settled its Windows operating systems early on a software version of Solitaire online. Whether Solitaire or Spider Solitaire: Today, there is hardly a single person in the world who has not come into contact with this simple yet intriguing gameplay principle.

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Play Spider Solitaire, Klondike and more: free Solitaire has many faces

Variety is trump: The highly successful basic principle has already been imaginatively varied during the time of the time-honored Patience, and today, of course, you are quite spoiled for choice. It’s best to try all the variations out to find out which one suits you best – and remember: Since you can play free online Solitaire, you do not have to hurry with the decision. In addition to the famous variant Spider Solitaire there is also Klondike, which under the simple name free Solitaire online component of numerous Windows versions since Windows 3.0 was – of course in more sophisticated versions. Also known and popular is the FreeCell Solitaire, where you have to move and store the cards within an adjustable time limit until you have put together four stacks in ascending order, each with the same color. Often, the countless variations also differ by the number of points you can win by flipping, applying, and discarding your card. This way, you can also compete with other players by the way: Although everyone plays for themselves, but the total sum of the scored points can of course compare wonderfully.

Spider Solitaire will not let you go

Several decks are waiting to be completely dissolved – otherwise Spider Solitaire games can not be defeated. You can also choose different difficulty levels; The hardest challenge is one color, as introducing this condition greatly reduces the chance of winning. Spider Solitaire is therefore interesting for all players who would like to be challenged a little more. Of course you can also play Spider Solitaire like the normal free Solitaire online games.