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Free Mahjong games online – The Solitaire variant from China

What in America and Europe are FreeCell and Solitaire is for China Mahjong (麻將). The clever puzzle game is far more than just another variant of the popular Patiencen, it has its own charm. This has long since succumbed to people all over the world: Millions of avid gamers want to play Mahjong daily – preferably on a computer, tablet or smartphone. No question: Mahjong is currently one of the most popular games ever! What’s behind the hype, you’ll find out right here – and of course you can also play a few Mahjong free games!

How is Mahjong online played?

Free Mahjong games online are actually board game that are played virtually exclusively outside of China and Japan today. The computer version offers the great advantage that, in contrast to the original original, solo players also get their money’s worth here. Originally, the free online Mahjong board game was and is played with four players. In a direct comparison of the competing participants is about to earn points – and who has the highest score at the end, has won the game. The coveted points are there for the gradual emptying of the pitch, which consists of 136 or 144 stones, also called brick. The little catch: The stones may of course not just be cleared, instead you have to (similar to the well-known memory game in this country) looking for two identical copies, which you can then remove – but that’s only possible if this synonymous lying on the outer edge! Of course, if you play alone, the points you receive are less important, so you can compare your own performance with that of other players. Whether alone or four: To finish the game, all the stones must have disappeared from the board.

All beginning is easy

Especially at the beginning of the game you will find Mahjong free games very easy. You quickly discover matching pairs, and the field seems to dissolve almost by itself. But beware, it’s not that easy, and you should not take every opportunity right away – sometimes the better approach is to wait and strategically dissolve your stones. Otherwise, you can unintentionally maneuver your game into a dead end: playing Mahjong games means thinking ahead, planning moves and acting wisely. This also includes a structured approach! It is best to empty your field from top to bottom and not arbitrarily remove any stone that offers itself. The more fragmented the field is, the more difficult it is to keep track and find the right stones – after all, not all stones are present in equal numbers! It is a small challenge that you will master with a little patience and skill. Over time, you will also develop a feel for the gameplay and make the right decisions faster and faster. That’s why we advise you: practice, practice, practice – and because you can play free Mahjong games online, you also have plenty of time!

Free Mahjong games online

Free online Mahjong on the internet

The internet has everything, but not everything is equally good everywhere. Playing is supposed to be fun, and if you want to play the Mahjong game you should not have to worry about anything else. That’s why you get free Mahjong around the clock for free, with no hidden hooks. No fees, no missions, no cost trap, in short: an offer that you can accept without hesitation. Even if you might lose some games in the beginning, it does not matter: you can reboot as many times as you like, there are no fees for you. Incidentally, an initial defeat is not a bad thing at all: in China, the home country of Mahjong, there is the conviction that a win in the first game brings disaster. In that sense, it may not be a bad idea if you do not do everything the right way at the first Mahjong online!

Mahjong between fairy tales and history

Allegedly, Mahjong was said to have been played in China over 4,000 years ago, at the time of the venerable Shang Dynasty. That would indeed be a proud age, but modern research is very skeptical about this. Much more likely, this is just a nice story that the American Joseph Park Babcock came up with. Babcock had met the game during a trip through China and wrote a set of rules in the 1920s, the basis of which we still play Mahjong free games. In China itself, the oldest testimonies date back to the second half of the 19th century, so that the ostensibly millennial history can truly be referred to the realm of the fables. In the short term Mahjong was very successful. The stones were then available in both low-priced and elaborately galvanized luxury finishes. However, the boom did not last long outside of China and Japan and the game boards gradually disappeared from trading. The great rediscovery came first with computer and Internet, because the software implementations of Mahjong became from the beginning a big success. Today, there are many ways to get to know Mahjong. Here, too, you can play free online Mahjong – without rocks, without a board, but with easy operation and a lot of fun.

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There is Mahjong for free and in different variants

A good game idea is not only copied but also varied. Like the western solitaire, there are also Mahjong online in numerous variants, all of which differ more or less from each other. You can play free Mahjong games online with, sometimes without a time limit, often it is just the design of the tiles and backgrounds that is changed thematically. There are sometimes differences in the scoring. In the Classic version, you get more points when resolving rare stones, while common tiles, for which you quickly find a matching counterpart, have a lower value. Whether the changes are contentual or cosmetic: At the core, the game always stays the same. And with all the ambition and joy of scoring the points: first and foremost, the fun is at the fore. After all, it’s just a tremendous satisfaction to find that you can master virtually any Mahjong games challenge ever faster and more confidently!