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Play Minesweeper online – Alone in the minefield

The gameplay is simple, but sometimes the challenge is huge: Minesweeper is one of the most popular casual games in the world and has already saved millions of workers from their jobs. Despite the martial name it is anything but bloody, and what is shown is absolutely youth-free at all times. Intelligent puzzle is the focus, sometimes complemented by a dash of healthy rate instinct. Enthusiastic mine-cleaners and those who want to be, are just right: Minesweeper online brings everything that belongs to a proper game of free Minesweeper – and of course you get several levels of difficulty.

Play Minesweeper: That’s what it is all about

The goal of Minesweeper game is to bypass the mines hidden on the field and uncover all the safe spaces. That’s not so easy, because at the beginning of the game not only all cats, but above all all the fields are gray. Visually, there is initially no difference between the different fields, it is not clear whether a field can be uncovered safely or whether there is a dangerous mine behind it. Field by field is thus uncovered by mouse click or pressure on the touch screen until you hit a mine – in this case, the game is lost on the spot. Pure luck thing so? No, not quite, you will gradually get tips and hints that will help you choose the next field to be discovered. Whenever you reveal an empty space, the number of mines immediately adjacent to it will appear. If you are clever with this information, you can largely avoid meeting a mine – a little luck or instinct is of course part of it. By the way: As a rule, you do not have to worry about meeting a mine on your first attempt. For most versions of Minesweeper game, the first click is always a free field, no matter what point you choose.

Play Minesweeper online

Minesweeper classic is played on time

To keep you from spending too much time thinking about your next move, most versions of free Minesweeper have a stopwatch running in the background that sets a specific time frame. To make things a little easier, you can mark mines that you have discovered or suspect quite well. The markers are optional and not necessary to win the game. Some versions of Minesweeper do not support the markers at all. The lower the difficulty level you choose, the lower the percentage of mine, and the size of the board changes so that you do not need that much time and Minesweeper can start for a quick game in between. Many versions of Minesweeper game also allow you to create a self-configured game – in which case you can set virtually anything yourself: the size of the board and the number of mines.

Minesweeper is a Windows story

Minesweeper was originally developed as an add-on for Windows 3.1. With the triumph of Microsoft’s graphical operating system, free Minesweeper also became world-renowned. Because it was already pre-installed, countless office workers were happy about a welcome distraction from work. Each successive version of Microsoft Windows also brought a new version of Minesweeper – only since the release of Windows 8 interested gamers need to get the game from the Windows Store. It’s easier and more convenient if you just choose free Minesweeper online for free around the clock. So you do not have to download anything and install nothing, but you can always get started right away – a clear improvement over the cumbersome Windows version. An interesting detail for all competition enthusiasts: For ranking lists and competitions, the Windows versions are not accepted, because you can restart the same setting several times and learn so practically by heart, also the Windows software is not immune to cheats. Therefore, there were early special program versions that did not have this weakness. In the online version, which we offer you on our pages, you must of course do not worry about this aspect!

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A few tips for a successful start

Unfortunately, there is no sure-fire method for discovering mines; a little bit, the chance and luck factors are always decisive here. But you can make the game easier if you keep some tips.

  • It’s about free fields, not mines! So do not waste your time trying to mark all mines. Many markings are simply superfluous.
  • At the beginning of the game you can take risks and try quick clicks try to expose a slightly larger field. Later, this approach is too dangerous.
  • No matter how clever and thoughtful you are, sooner or later each game will reach a stage where you can only guess.
  • Learn patterns by heart! Patterns are recurring arrays of numbers that have only one possible solution. If you memorize them – much like the small or big one-on-one, you can react faster in the game.
  • The most important lesson in playing Minesweeper classic is the exercise. You just have to practice a lot to get a feel for the game. Then it will not be that hard anymore! Remember, you can access our free online version as often as you like, making it easier to practice!

Play Minesweeper online without risk

The easiest method for a free Minesweeper game today is Minesweeper classic, which you can play for free and without any risk on our site. This is not about money, just about fun – and Minesweeper online offers you a lot. Comfortable operation, a modern design and access around the clock – making mine clearance a pleasure without limits!