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FreeCell online game – The card game everybody knows

If the whole world plays a card game without cards, then it is most likely FreeCell, the famous solitaire variant that has been included with Microsoft Windows for years. Countless gray workdays turned into fun-filled hours of fun with FreeCell Solitaire game, as a simple mouse click was enough for a long time, and the games could begin – without limits and without risk. But since things have changed a bit since Windows 10, not only is there plenty of information about the game itself, but also the hot tip that you can still play free FreeCell game – of course on the Internet! With FreeCell online you play safely, comfortably and diversely.

What is FreeCell about?

Strictly speaking, you could also play FreeCell with real cards, but nobody actually does that, because everyone knows FreeCell as software. Still, it’s all about laying cards, or better, about sorting cards correctly according to predetermined rules. The virtual cards are moved with the mouse or with the numeric keypad of the keyboard. You do not need a teammate to do that, but cheating is still out of the question: The computer will pay attention and only allow you to play moves that correspond to the clearly defined rules of the game. This can be a bit confusing at the beginning, because you feel that you do not understand the game and you do not know how and which cards you are allowed to move. But basically it’s easy: The goal of the game is to make 4 stacks out of 52 cards in the correct order. Each stack must therefore consist of 13 cards, which are sorted in ascending order. The ace forms the basis, the king represents the conclusion. If all cards are sorted correctly and no more left, the game is solved and won.

Drop, swap, stack

When you play FreeCell online, it has the advantage of saving you the time-consuming build-up of the game and getting you started. The catch of the game is the fact that the computer does not reveal all the cards to you from the start, but hides most of them. You’ll need to start with the few face-up cards available to you – and of course they will not be enough to make the 4 stacks you want in the right order. So you need to temporarily store your cards that are not needed at the moment, so that you can reveal more cards and classify them if necessary. There are 4 additional fields available, which serve as a temporary storage. Together with the 4 regular fields for the stacks you have 8 free fields, English: free cells. By cleverly dropping, swapping, uncovering and sorting the cards, you’ll ideally set up the 4 longed for batches in the correct order. The golden rule is: take your time, enjoy the game. You are not under pressure!

FreeCell online game

With these tips, you will continue in FreeCell

Nomen est Omen: This solitaire variant is called FreeCell game, because you need free fields to play – and you should also heed this requirement. When temporarily storing the cards you do not need, you should therefore take care to save space. It’s best to sort them the other way around, starting from the highest value card, which you can use relatively late for your 4 regular stacks. By the way, this works especially well if you think ahead as far as possible before picking up and taking down the cards – so keep an eye on which cards are available to you after the next moves and also sort the file strategically, then you get the right one Ordering your game almost by itself. So, instead of dancing at multiple weddings at the same time, it can be a good idea to tackle one pile at a time, leaving more room for the extra cards. With these tips you can not only play free FreeCell, but you will also get fast and satisfying results.

Without Windows, without fees: Play FreeCell for free

If you play smart, you play for free: Although Microsoft has provided its version of FreeCell Solitaire with a subscription fee since Windows 10, you do not have to worry about it. Because with us you can play free FreeCell, as long as you want – without any risk. Whether you lose or win does not matter. FreeCell online is the modern and contemporary way to play FreeCell! Even if you may need a little luck for one or the other card constellation, FreeCell Solitaire is not a game of chance in the strict sense. This means: You do not have to dare and can not lose anything! It’s all about fun in the game, for relaxation for you and for the challenge, which you will overcome with a little concentration and patience. By the way: FreeCell is not only a variant of Solitaire itself, it has also produced its own offshoots. Although the game remains the same in the core, but offers you by slight deviations again and again a new charm.

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FreeCell: How the computer learned to play cards

The history of FreeCell is a success story and closely linked to the spread of Microsoft’s famous Windows operating system. Actually, the gameplay principle of FreeCell game but far older, because strictly speaking, this is one of the countless variants of the time-honored French card game Patience. Legend has it that this was played during the French Revolution by nobility condemned to death to pass the time. From the beginning, the special appeal was that you could lay your own patens and thus had a virtually endless pastime. Implementation as a solo game for the personal computer was so close, and already in 1978, still in the pioneering days of computer engineering, the young programmer Paul Alfille took on the game and created in the programming language TUTOR the first FreeCell solitaire for the computer system PLATO. But only the adaptation for Windows, which was created by Microsoft employee Jim Horne many years later, became known around the world. To continue to play free FreeCell, we recommend our proven online version.