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Checkers online – challenge instead of gambling

Gambling with the Checkers game is not about luck, it’s about skill: Your skills are needed if you want to win the online game of the drafts, because free Checkers is not only one of the oldest and most popular (board) games in the world, but also belongs to the so-called games with perfect information. This means: The board tells you everything you need to know for your next move and to include in your strategic thinking, there is no hidden information, no annoying random factor, not even a dependency on an uncertain dice luck. You measure yourself with your opponent, and your skill alone decides how the game goes! It’s only a small step from the Checkers board game to the Checkers game online – and here you’ll find out everything you need to know!

Checkers game rules easily explained: The game situation

The game is played on a square board, which consists of a strict alternation of black and white fields. At free Checkers online, the color is also varied, but again, the rule of a division into dark and bright fields applies. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland the playing field corresponds to the chessboard and possesses like this 8 x 8 fields, which carry however other names. Internationally, the Checkers online covers 10 x 10 fields, this form is also called Checkers 100. At the actual Checkers online, the number of fields does not change, but this affects the number of available tiles. There are either 24 or 40 stones (only for Checkers 100), also in the colors black and white, whereby each player receives only stones of a single type. While in the Checkers board game the stones are mostly made of wood or plastic, the material question plays no role at Checkers game online.

Checkers rules easily explained: How to play

The game is played at the Checkers only on the black or dark fields, the direction always runs diagonally, always forward and always only one field. The only exception to this rule is the “Checkers,” but later. The first goal is to skip as many enemy stones as possible and thereby beat. However, this is only possible if a free field follows directly on the opponent’s stone, otherwise the train is considered blocked and is not feasible. It is worth a strategic approach, because after the successful completion of a move of the reached target field offers the opportunity for a new move, so the skipping and hitting another enemy stone, then this may be executed immediately, without the other player before comes to the train. Playing the game has a lot to do with an overview and a planned procedure – hurry is rarely good and will not be rewarded. By the way, hitting is not an option, but always obligatory. If you ignore the possibility of beating, that’s an illegal move. If you have opted for an online version of Checkers for free, invalid moves are often blocked by the software and you do not have to worry about them. Do you have several options for hitting, but you have the free choice; even multiple beating has no priority over simple beating.

Checkers online

Checkers game rules easily explained

If you reach your opponent’s base line with one of your stones during the course of the game, this stone will be promoted to a queen. To indicate this to the outside, the coronation takes place by putting a second stone on the Checkers. If you want to play online Checkers, a graphic symbol indicates the promotion, usually a simple D. But much more important are the newfound skills: In contrast to all other stones, the free Checkers may move in both directions and is not subject to any train limit , In any case, the usual rules, but sometimes take online variants deviations and keep for example, the train restriction on a field also for the Checkers in order to make the challenge of playing drafts for free a little trickier. Therefore it is advisable to retrieve any special features of the applicable drafts rules before the game, for example, can also be played after a time limit, so that players can not think their moves endlessly. If a player has lost all the stones or can no longer perform moves, the game is lost. If a game rotates for a long time in a circle, the players can agree on a draw by mutual agreement.

The drafts have a long history

The Checkers game first appeared in the 10th or 11th century in southern France. The similarity to the chessboard is no coincidence, because the “Game of Kings” was at the development godfather. The rules of the game represent a further development of the Alquerque game, which is very popular in the Mediterranean, and which influenced the Malagasy board game Fanorona. The mentioned similarity to the game of chess was also apparent in the early versions of the drafts in the lack of compulsion to exploit all available possibilities for hitting opposing stones. The free Checkers online also owes its name to the game of chess. In Germany in 1932 there was a Checkers’s league for a short time, but it was banned by the National Socialists along with its affiliated journal. Perhaps that is one reason why Checkers game is not as popular in the world today as it is in Russia or the Netherlands, where it is considered a professional sport.

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The game has a long tradition on the computer as well. As early as 1952, IBM researcher Arthur L. Samuel programmed an electronic version of the Anglo-Saxon drafts. This program was one of the first computer games ever! Although it was still not able to stand up to really strong human opponents after a 1962 improvement, it is nonetheless a milestone in the history of artificial intelligence. The most powerful software version of the drafts game is Chinook by Jonathan Schaeffers, developed in collaboration with Marion Tinsley, the strongest draftsman of all time. Chinook is invincible and can be demanded by flawless play at most a draw. To play the game online, you do not need sophisticated artificial intelligence, just the internet. More than enough other human players are looking forward to measuring their skills with yours – and it works completely for free!